Option Contracts & IRA Opportunities

Transcription: Thank you, Mike and Tyler for inviting me. It was about eight or nine years ago. I was one of the first guest speakers when they started. I didn’t really know them, any more than I got invited, but I can tell you if you ever watched me on the bigger pockets, anybody that’s…

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Connect with Jay on Bigger Pockets

With over 10,000 posts, Jay Hinrichs is one of BiggerPockets most active members. If you would like to connect with Jay or see his most recent posts, follow his profile: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/JLH

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A Hero’s Home

A Hero’s Home, Inc. came about through the collaborative efforts of some of the top contributors on BiggerPockets.com over the years. Feeling blessed to be in the real estate investment industry, and having made valuable connections and received assistance and support through BP, the question arose: How to organize and give back in some meaningful…

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